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“Gibby ” is one of four brothers who has worked in the family roading company for many years. They decided to sell their business & retire but before doing so they wanted their business photographed. What started as a few street style images of them & their equipment turned into a major project.

In this image Gibby is leaning against the road sprayer that he has worked behind on a daily basis for many years. By standing there looking at me through my lens I feel that he is contemplating on what has been his life & whereto from here.


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  1. Hi Garry

    I just found your image in ‘your images’.
    I like your portrait of Gibby, it certainly shows a working man with his rugged look, work shirt and hat in hand. I see his attachment to his truck with the way he leans on it. He looks at the camera in an almost nonchalant manner.
    Interestingly, I would have approached exposure of this image from the opposite direction. I would have exposed for the truck details (I’m thinking they are stainless tanks) and filled in Gibby’s features with a splash of light. I would have kept the attention on Gibby with DOF.
    The reason I say this is that I think there is too much detracting highlights around the top edge of the image and by having this detail shown you would show more of a relationship with the man and his machinery. I’m also thinking maybe a vertical shot may have been better, some of the detail at the right of the image does not say much and maybe a big truck wheel out of focus behind Gibby may have been more powerful?
    You obviously like shooting portraits, I see you have a great association with Gibby and are able to capture his true character.

    The best

    Comment by Andrew — January 10, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

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