January 23, 2006

Cool new accessory #233a

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Kia ora tatou
I don’t know about you, but keeping track of memory cards can be a real issue. Apparently I am not alone- I have heard of one pro who has inadvertently put his through the wash several times with his trousers!( no, it isn’t me-yet!)

For some time I have looked for something that was weatherproof, easy to use (those dumb cases they give you when you buy a card are a real pain to open, especially if you’re wearing gloves!), and could be seen easily in long grass.
If you have ever tried to find a card that has dropped out of your hand, you will know just what I mean.
At last there is a gizmo that deals with all those issues!

Enter (stage left) the Gepe Card Safe, Tough as, easy to open, waterproof, and (if you choose the lurid green or red one), easy to spot in the shrubbery.
It’s like a micro pelican case, really. At the end of the day, you can wrap up your cards in their nice cosy protection and kiss them goodnight.
And no, before you ask, I haven’t sent it for a test drive in the washing machine!

Ka kite


January 20, 2006

Digital vs film (what, is that one still around?)

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Good Morning. I have been away on the South Island’s West Coast for the last ten days, working on my next book, hence the gap in postings. They should become a bit more regular now.
While I was away, I kept bumping into people who wanted to know whether it was true that film still beat digital, that you needed at least 30 megapixels to beat 35mm film. To them digital was still the poor cousin.

Is it bollocks!

I remember hearing this 10 years ago, when digital first came out. I actually believed it myself, until I got a Canon 10D last year. My exhibition prints were clearer, sharper and had much finer grain (sorry, noise) than I could ever have got from film.
I was convinced and jumped right in. Would I go back to film? Not a chance.
I am going to put my neck out and say this: A 6Mp Digital SLR will deliver better prints than scanned 35mm film. Do I detect the sound of incoming….?

But don’t take my word for it. Michael Reichmann, whose wonderful Luminous Landscape site is in my bookmarks, has a brilliantly lucid explanation of why digital is better.
You can read about it here

Ka kite ano

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