February 15, 2007

At last the Elephant!

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Kia ora tatou:

In what could be my last post for some time, I would like to tell you that my new website is finally live.

There are a number of new features I need to tell you about:

  1. All my blogs have migrated inside my website. From now on I will be editing them direct form within the website. Importing from the old blogs has NOT gone perfectly. As a consequence you may find a few glitches. Some are remediable; others are not. You can locate the blog ( oops, Ezine)by going to my website and clicking on Ezine in the title bar. I promise not to move again! ( well, for a long time, anyway!)
  2. There is a new newsletter form/signup. I would really appreciate it if you could visit and fill it out, then click “submit”. I am trying to build a database of friends and clients so I can contact you more readily. A number of people have signed up for my newsletter without leaving an email address….You know who you are..maybe…
  3. There is a lot more stuff to look at. OK, it isn’t perfect, but I will adjust/change as and when.
  4. I will soon have an Ecommerce facility built-in to allow online purchasing, should you so wish.
  5. Most galleries have a built-in slideshow function. Just look at the bottom of the page.
  6. I would really appreciate feedback. BB and the PRFH have been helping out in this regard and have done a sterling( if critical) job. Many thanks in deed! I foyu do find glitches, please tell me which operating system, browser (e.g. Firefox) and the version number.



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