February 15, 2007

At last the Elephant!

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Kia ora tatou:

In what could be my last post for some time, I would like to tell you that my new website is finally live.

There are a number of new features I need to tell you about:

  1. All my blogs have migrated inside my website. From now on I will be editing them direct form within the website. Importing from the old blogs has NOT gone perfectly. As a consequence you may find a few glitches. Some are remediable; others are not. You can locate the blog ( oops, Ezine)by going to my website and clicking on Ezine in the title bar. I promise not to move again! ( well, for a long time, anyway!)
  2. There is a new newsletter form/signup. I would really appreciate it if you could visit and fill it out, then click “submit”. I am trying to build a database of friends and clients so I can contact you more readily. A number of people have signed up for my newsletter without leaving an email address….You know who you are..maybe…
  3. There is a lot more stuff to look at. OK, it isn’t perfect, but I will adjust/change as and when.
  4. I will soon have an Ecommerce facility built-in to allow online purchasing, should you so wish.
  5. Most galleries have a built-in slideshow function. Just look at the bottom of the page.
  6. I would really appreciate feedback. BB and the PRFH have been helping out in this regard and have done a sterling( if critical) job. Many thanks in deed! I foyu do find glitches, please tell me which operating system, browser (e.g. Firefox) and the version number.



February 2, 2007

Letter from Jeanette Fitzsimons

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Kia ora tatou:

Some time ago I wrote to Jeanette Fitzsimons, leader of the New Zealand Green Party on the subject of the windfarm on the Lammermoors. Today I received a reply.  Here it is in full. I have to say that my position since then has changed, that I am seeing the whole issue in a new light( no pun intended) and that I think there are bigger issues at stake… More on that later.

Dear Tony

Thank you for the link. Your photographs of the Lammermoors are really stunning.
As proponents of empowering people the Green Party are pushing for micro-generation options and the solar hot water programme is a part of this approach. (more…)

February 1, 2007

Four Winds-an Invitation

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Kia ora tatou:

It has been three months in the making, but I am nearly there.The exhibition to mark the end(completion) of my residencywill open officially on February 16 at 6:30pm, just on four months since I moved here. I am showing it in the Rail Shed behind the Information Centre in Ranfurly, and it will run for 2 months until April 16. If any of you are abl to make it down for the opening, I would love to see you there. Come and have a glass of wine, some nibbles, and enjoy the images.

For those of you wondering about the title, it really describes how the landscape has affected my picture-making . Over the time I have been here, I have come to realise that the winds come from every direction, and that Ranfurly sits in the middle of it all. There is no question that my fascination with the skies has grown, and more significantly, with thehe patterns of the weather, and their interaction.

It is impossible however to live in a small rural service town without being fascinated by the way in which the element(al)s affect the cycle of life here, and I have tried to draw reference to that as well.

If any of you are passing by, it would be wonderful to see you.

After the opening, I will be around for a few days, then I am off to the Wairarapa for a fortnight to teach with Freeman Patterson. I will be back in Ranfurly in early March to tidy things up and start packing, for my next move to……

Ka kite ano

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